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Become a railroad entrepreneur and let your city become the biggest metropolis together with others! Travel through the eras, discover old and new engines and expand your route network!

Game Development with a view of the Rhine

Located directly on the Rhine in Cologne, we have been developing high-quality computer games for communities worldwide for over a decade. Find out here, how we work!

Rail Nation economist character

Our Diverse Portfolio

Take a look at our achievements from the past and at a

promising future.

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Game Testers Wanted!

One of our biggest goals is to provide a high level of usability and an impressive gaming experience.


You are a gamer and love tycoon and strategy browser games and would like to actively support us in the development? Sign up now and take part in voluntary user tests of all new or existing games or interesting surveys.


Your opinion is important to us because we want to make games that you enjoy. We look forward to welcoming you as part of our development

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