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Manager to Rail Nation

It all started over a decade ago with EA Sports' internationally acclaimed FIFA Manager. Since then, we have continued our success and enthusiastically dedicated ourselves to developing our own cooperative browser games for all ages.

Rail Nation

2013 / HAXE / Browser / Mobile / Scrum

Become part of a community that unites train fans, strategists, and simulation enthusiasts alike. Discover the fascination of the six railroad eras, as well as their trains and let your city rise to a metropolis!

Project Emerald (Working title)

Unity / Browser / Mobile / Scrum

Journey to the Caribbean between the 16th to 18th centuries and build up your estate. Cooperate with other players to support the expansion of your new hometown and lead it to independence from European oppression.


More Titles


Fair Play Alliance Logo

Together for Fair Play

Bright Future is a proud member of the Fair Play Alliance because treating each other with respect is important to us and our players. We like to learn from other companies that also belong to the initiative and want to share our knowledge with them as well. Through regular exchange, we can understand the needs of players better and offer them the best possible online experience.

Our Studio

Learn more about our games and us as a developer studio.

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